Eastbourne Kettlebells

Eastbourne Kettlebells

Eastbourne Kettlebells Group Training session is all about learning how to use this AWESOME training tool to develop A killer body that is lean, strong, conditioned and mobile!
We have been teaching people how to use kettlebells since 2008 – you could say we are rather in love with kettlebell training due to the huge potential it offers for improving the way the body looks, moves and performs. As Strong First Kettlebell Coaches we hold the highest achievement in kettlebell instruction. We take our job seriously in imparting the very best knowledge and coaching to our clients – kettlebell training is hugely technical which is why it’s important it is done correctly!

Eastbourne Kettlebells

We focus on the hardstyle form of kettlebell training in this group training session due the level of intensity it delivers which in turn provides the most effective results in the shortest space of time.
Our Eastbourne Kettlebells group training session is suitable for all levels of fitness and ability. We supply a huge range of kettlebells to ensure everyone has the equipment they need with room to develop on to heavier bells as your strength and fitness improve – which they will – GUARANTEED!
Each week we work on fundamental movement patterns that encourage the body to move properly while developing strength, power, endurance and conditioning. Sessions are progressive, fun and challenging. The group environment is incredibly motivating and everyone develops well at a pace that suits them individually.


  • How to use kettlebells safely and effectively from experts.
  • Fundamental kettlebell exercises that can transform your body.
  • How to develop strength, endurance and muscle tone.
  • How kettlebell training can ramp up metabolic rate without “cardio”.
  • How to use kettlebell training at home to unleash your fitness.
  • Vital mobility drills to help you move better and remain injury free.
Group size is strictly limited so each member receives the highest standards of coaching and instruction to maximise potential.
  • Wednesday18:45 – 19:45

    St Johns Parish Hall, Meads.


Each block of Eastbourne Hardstyle Kettlebell Training runs for a period of 1 month with one available class per week.
1 Session
Weekly for 1 Month
  • A FREE 55 minute induction MUST be completed before attending. £10 deposit in advance required which is then deductable from your first booking payment.
  • ALL blocks MUST be paid in advance through BACS, Cash or Cheque.
  • A 24 hour cancellation policy is in place.
  • Missed sessions are not refunded as your place cannot be resold.