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Eastbourne Personal Trainer Testimonial

Eastbourne Personal Trainer Testimonial

Eastbourne Personal Trainer Testimonial featuring my awesome and inspiring client – Linda.

In my work as a top UK Personal Trainer in Eastbourne I have the pleasure of working with a very broad range of people.

One of my recent shared journeys of self discovery has been in supporting my client Linda who came to me a few years ago.

When I met her she was at a low point, suffering with pain, lacking confidence and feeling like she might be ready for the scrap heap.

Fast forward to now and she has an incredibly inspiring story of determination, resilience and personal expansion.

In this Eastbourne Personal Trainer Testimonial Linda will share her story with you.

Linda’s Testimonial

When I joined Train Strong in autumn 2015 I was at a very low point in my life.

My sporting history is not great. At school I’d try to get detention rather than do PE, (strangely easy to achieve!) and always felt like I was the slowest, and that sport and activity ‘wasn’t for me’.

In my late 40s I suddenly had an urge to get running, but all my efforts seemed to go nowhere.

Around this time I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia (long term chronic pain condition, with increased pain sensitivity and fatigue) and told I’d probably had the condition most of my life.

After another failed attempt at ‘couch to 5k ‘(which always ended in terrible knee pain by week 2) I thought that was it.  Life, everything just seemed too difficult and painful.

I was 52 and frankly felt like 92.

Then I met Matt. After a long discussion, he put together a special plan for me.  I started doing one to one PT sessions with him. My aim was simple – to be able to run in our village Fun Run 5k in reasonable time comfortably, and be injury free.

When I started I had limited range of movement, terrible posture and very little strength. The first few months were hard, especially with my poor sensitivity to pain. However, with Matts encouragement and support I pushed on and have never looked back.

My First 5k Run – Onwards and Upwards.

I managed my first 5k run the following summer, and then moved on to running 10k.  I have discovered a love of trail and cross country running, and that longer distances are what suit me best.

In June 2018 I completed my first trail half marathon. I still can’t quite believe I ran it all and enjoyed it so much! I am now looking towards training for a marathon.

I have continued my training with Matt. Both in one to ones, and boot camp, where I have met so many lovely people.

He is always so encouraging and supportive and patient. Even when you feel like giving up, he doesn’t! His knowledge and understanding of how the mind and body work is immense.  I know I would never have achieved all I have in the last few years without Matt.

Working with Matt is Totally Transformational

I feel better about myself, with greater self-confidence, and my Fibromyalgia is virtually gone. It’s been an awesome personal journey for me, and great fun too.

I’m now 55 and frankly feel better than I did at 25!


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