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Kettlebells for Runners and Cyclists

Kettlebell Training for Runners and Cyclists

Want to improve your running or cycling? Has your performance plateaud? Do you need to step up training in preparation for a race? Running and cycling are both endurance exercise forms that require sustained, steady output for extended periods of time. In the quest to become fitter, faster and more efficient areas such as mobility and sports specific strength training are often neglected resulting in a negative impact on your wellbeing, training consistency and performance.

During this 1 day workshop you will learn

  • Common problem areas shared by runners and cyclists and how they affect performance.
  • How kettlebell training can benefit you as an athlete.
  • Joint mobility to optimise performance and training.
  • The importance of correct hip function and its relation to performance.
  • Foundation kettlebell exercises that will help you to become better.
  • How to strengthen the muscles of the core using sports specific exercises.
  • Kettlebell workout planning and structure.

You will also receive

  • A final finishing workout by Advanced Kettlebell Instructor Matt Shore
  • Discounted top of the range kettlebells
  • A complete information pack detailing all workshop content.
This workshop is highly practical with a large proportion of the workshop spent learning and practicing those kettlebell exercises listed above.

workshop information

  • Sunday 9:30 – 15:30

    Brighton University Astro Turf, Denton Rd, Eastbourne.


Workshop Price – £50

Mind, Body, Goal provide bespoke kettlebell workshops for groups with specific events or targets in mind – getting married, preparing for a marathon, getting in shape for a big event – Call me to discuss. If you would like me to provide a kettlebell workshop for you please contact me for a quote.