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Precision Nutrition certified coach, Matt ShoreTrain Strong Nutritional Coaching is aimed squarely at helping people take positive steps towards a healthier, fitter future using simple habit-based coaching and mind-set techniques.

“Lose fat, become fitter, stronger or simply have more energy – whatever your goal is, I can help you achieve it.”

The diet industry is filled with quick-hit fixes, low carb this, low fat that and frankly, it’s confusing and for the vast majority of people, simply doesn’t work in the long term.

I am a qualified Precision Nutrition Coach. One of the worlds most respected coaching qualifications.

My approach to nutrition is a far cry from planned menus, over restricted choices and calorie counting. My approach is based upon actions that are simple and sustainable while helping people to feel more relaxed about nutrition.

I don’t believe in the quick-fix mentality.

It’s taken a while to get to where you are – it will likely take a while to shift the behaviours that have been holding you back.

I empower people to identify limiting patterns, help you to understand why you might do them and then move to releasing said patterns. By getting beneath the “Why” behind making nutritional choices that lead us away from our goals the overall effect is more powerful and can last a life time.

For some it’s about lack of education and information.

For others its lack of time.

For many there is the emotional side of nutrition.

There is no one size to fit all and everyone is coached uniquely and in a way that best supports their needs.

Praise for Train Strong Nutritional Coaching

“Having struggled with my weight over the years and trying endless diets that worked in the short term that saw me end up back where I started – with interest, I sought out Matt’s nutritional coaching service.

Matt’s approach is holistic and looked at all aspects of my lifestyle. He helped me to identify barriers to my success and simple habits that were sustainable to keep me progressing. We identified a number of emotional connections to food which Matt helped me to move away from enabling me to become more mindful of my actions and ultimately more relaxed about eating.

What I loved about Matt’s approach is there is no calorie counting or weighing out food. The habits I employed through Matt’s coaching were simple, yet powerful and most importantly, sustainable.

Matt has been there every step of the way supporting me. He helped coach me through times when I would waver and listened and discussed my needs.

My mind-set has totally transformed around food and now my body represents on the outside how I feel within. Thanks Matt for a first-class service!

– Clare

Getting Started with Nutrition coaching

Train Strong Nutritional Coaching starts with an initial qualifying phone call within which I find out about you, your present circumstances and what your ultimate goal is and whether we will be a good fit to work together.

From there the process starts with a First Appointment within which we examine your 3 day diet review, take various measurements (as long as you are happy to have them taken), before photos and to review the consultation sheets and to cover the coaching process again. We also discuss limiting factors and how we may transition away from them.

You receive a weekly coaching call or skype to discuss your progress and answer any questions.

Every fortnight we book another consultation to take progress measurements, identify the next habit and provide follow up information to assist you with your journey.

Each month we assess progress through a Coaching Review and then establish the way forward for the next month.

Pricing – 3 month investment

Nutritional Coaching + Unlimited Classes x 3 months

£250 per month x 3


  • 60 Minute Initial Consultation
  • Weekly Coaching Call
  • 1 x 45 Minute Week 2 Consultation
  • 1 x 45 minute monthly review
  • 4 weeks Unlimited Classes

Nutritional Coaching as Standalone Service x 3 months

£200 per month x 3


  • 60 minute initial consultation
  • 1 x 45min week 2 consultation
  • 1 x 45 min monthly review
  • weekly coaching call

Contact me today to get started with a free, no obligation qualifying call.