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Train Strong Online is my remote coaching service that allows me to support you in your endeavours anywhere in the world.


Working with me via remote coaching is a truly unique experience.


1-2-1 Training Coaching direct to your home, Programming, Accountability and Mentoring form the framework of what I provide based upon your goals and circumstances.


Working with me is a two way-street based on communication and feedback. I work dynamically with you to ensure that your needs are met so that you receive exactly what you need, when you need it.

How Can I Help You through Online Personal Training?

My clients’ goals range hugely and I draw upon the wellspring of my experience as a long term competitive athlete, coach and mentor to deliver the highest quality level of coaching.

Do you wish to pass a Kettlebell Certificate such as the RKC or StrongFirst?

Are you an endurance athlete who needs to become stronger so that you can perform better with fewer injuries?

Maybe you wish to take on a significant challenge such as climbing a mountain, competing in the Fan Dance, completing an Obstacle Course Race or performing at your best in a running event?

Are you struggling for time to train, travel a lot and find it difficult to know how to train within such a busy and fluctuating lifestyle?

Do you want to move better and become stronger with more endurance, energy and confidence?

Do you have pain and weakness in your body that you would like to resolve and move into a state of strength and health?

Do you want to have someone else do the thinking so that you can enjoy training in various modalities while maximising performance and having more purpose and fun in your training?


How Do I Support You?

Once you have contacted me and we have had an initial consultation during which we begin with identifying your exact needs and level of support required and whether we will be a good fit to work together.

From there I assess you remotely via video so that I can identify any issues and gain further insight into your needs.

I can work with you face to face via ZOOM which means I can coach you in real time in the comfort of your own home.

This is a very effective way of supporting my clients, providing coaching and training in real time to ensure maximum progress, accountability and progression.

Alternatively some prefer the option of remote programming.

I create a programme of training every week for you to follow and complete (or every 4 weeks on the foundation package)

This is based upon what you have available, where you are and of course your training needs. After 2 weeks (or 4) we re-asses the previous weeks of training and I provide the next phase.

Depending on the level of support needed I can provide a weekly mentoring call to discuss progress, tackle any arising issues and to keep you accountable, on track and with clear insight into the next week of development.

I support you via email, WhatsApp, video message and on the phone.

To support your training I have a wealth of instructional exercise videos to enhance your training experience so that you can understand techniques and improve your mastery of movement!

Programmes can be supplied in printable format so that you can have time away from your phone if desired.

Just some of the great clients I’ve worked with

Online PT clients
Online PT clients
Online PT clients
Online PT clients
Online PT clients

How Much Does Online Coaching Cost?

The initial month has a higher rate than subsequent months due to the level of additional support needed to get started.

Foundation Online PT Package
First month £199
Initial Consultation and Assessment
4 Week Training Programme based on your exact needs
Exercise videos to support your training
Weekly E mail to check in
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PRO Online PT Package
First month £319
Initial Consultation and Assessment
Fortnightly Training Programme Based on your exact needs
Exercise videos to support your training
Weekly 15 min Strategy Call for support, accountability and feedback
Contact via e mail, WhatsApp, Text between strategy sessions
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