Matt Shore – Personal Training in Eastbourne

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Matt Shore – Personal Training in Easbourne.

Matt Shore provides personal training in Eastbourne and surrounding areas. Matt1

Matt is the Founder, Director and Head Coach of Train Strong Personal Training.

Matt has 23 years’ experience as a personal trainer and 34 years as a competitive athlete. He draws on his wellspring of knowledge from both to ensure all clients benefit from his expert approach to training and personal achievement.

Matt works with a diverse range of people including Elite Athletes, Models, Choreographers, Doctors, Business owners and teaches other personal trainers and gym instructors.

His passion is supporting all individuals on their health and fitness journey and coaching them to achieve extraordinary results.

Age, gender and levels of fitness are never a barrier.

Matt also is a trainer of trainers and supports other trainers in their education and development through educational workshops and mentoring.

“I train clients in the convenience of their own home, in the beautiful local green areas or from my studio space which is centrally located within Eastbourne.

People come to me for many reasons. Some are experiencing pain while others lack physical confidence. For some it’s losing body fat and wanting to feel happier in their skin. Some work with me to get into amazing shape for a special occasion, while others have a specific challenge that they wish to take on.

My skillset is such that I can work with anyone who is ready and willing to make changes and to commit to themselves to a new journey of personal transformation.”

Unconventional Training Methods.

Personal Training in Eastbourne with Matt is both unique and unconventional!

Matt is known for his holisitc approach and use of unconventional training equipment, which help achieve real transformation. Personal Trainer in Eastbourne

“I have been coaching Kettlebell Training in the UK since their rise to popularity in the early 2000’s.

I hold both StrongFirst and Strength Matters Kettlebell Certifications but was teaching Kettlebells for many years prior to their emergence.

I am also an expert in Bulgarian Bag Training, Macebells and Modified Strongman Training and a range of other top flight tools that build leaner, more toned, stronger, more robust and athletic bodies that move well, look good and are pain free.

Training sessions are bespoke, varied and designed to be fun, while delivering amazing results!”

Matt’s brand of Personal Training is like no other.

He is a highly intuitive and dynamic coach who assists his clients in reaching their true potential. He recognises that human beings are constantly changing from one day to the next; As such Matt works within this dynamic space to deliver the right level of training and support, at the right time, to optimise the success of his clients.

Through a process of continual evaluation, Matt works with his clients to identify areas of weaknesses and build them into strengths. The body is trained as a complete unit. Matt’s coaching style is one grounded in quality of movement, flexibility, body awareness and mind-set training.

Mind-Set Coaching.

“Mind-set is the biggest limiting factor of personal success in training. Through my own developmental work as a coach, I have a deep understanding of these limiting processes. I help my clients to identify their own limiting patterns and behaviours in our training sessions and replace them with less restrictive, more powerful processes. This ultimately leads to greater success and significant personal transformation.

When this is combined with expertly coached personal training and ongoing lifestyle and nutritional support my clients enjoy amazing results that often far surpass what they initially signed up for!”

Getting Started with Matt.

To begin personal training in Eastbourne with Matt and embark on the next phase of your journey simply contact me HERE to arrange a FREE consultation.

Prior to starting with Matt a health screen and exercise history are completed. A postural assessment helps to reveal any imbalances and from here a plan of progression is designed to suit the individual.

Personal Training in Eastbourne Services.

My Services Include:-

  • Full assessment of health, lifestyle and posture.
  • Training sessions to build on weakness and create a stronger, fitter, more robust body.
  • Movement coaching for mobility and less pain.
  • Lifestyle coaching to help you adapt to new practices and habits.
  • Nutritional coaching to maximise results.
  • Tool Assisted Massage to release restriction and dysfunction.
  • Weekly Skype and E Mail Support.
  • Online Coaching is available as a stand-alone or to keep you accountable and moving in the right direction during time away from Eastbourne.

Read about my client Transformations HERE.

Fees with Matt

60 minutes
One-off 60 minute session
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90 minutes
One-off 90 minute session
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10 x 60 minutes
Discounted 10 Session Package
Includes 1 x FREE 60 min session to total 11 x PT.
Receive 30% Reduction on Class Prices.
Online Personal Training, Mentoring, Skype and Email & Phone Support Available.
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20 x 60 minutes
Discounted 20 Session Package
Includes 2 x FREE 60 Min PT Sessions to total 22 x PT.
Receive 30% Discount Off Class Prices.
Online Personal Training, Mentoring, Skype and Email & Phone Support Available.
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Contact me HERE to initiate the process and get started on the next chapter of your journey!

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