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Strong Woman Personal Training Eastbourne

“We offer Strong Woman Personal Training services in Eastbourne as 1-2-1 or small group sessions with 2 or more friends. Our bespoke service is tailored specifically to your needs for a range of goals with the common theme of becoming stronger. Strength simply makes everything else BETTER.”
Our Strong Woman personal training service has been operating in Eastbourne since 2009. During that time we have had the pleasure of working with many women and helping them to become stronger, better versions of themselves.
We cater for all ability levels and for a wide range of goals.

Fat Loss, Fitness, Confidence.

Strength training should form a key part in any program aimed at fat loss. Our approach to fat loss involves nutritional support combined with a program aimed at developing strength, strength endurance and conditioning. Training in this way can rapidly change the way a woman’s body looks and feels while increasing resilience physically AND mentally.
“To say Train Strong PT helped in my weight loss journey would be a bit of an understatement. With their knowledge and support the weight actually came off quite easily. Three stone lighter and four dress sizes smaller, I finally have the figure I dreamed about for many years.” Beth, Eastbourne.

Athletic Performance

All athletes should include some form of strength training within their program. Strength is the master skill upon which all other physical attributes rest. Our Strong Woman bespoke service has helped many female athletes to become stronger and in doing so perform better, develop fewer injuries and “fill the gaps” in their training to ensure a rounded, balanced development.
“I became an international athlete at nineteen years old and raced for England and GB on the road and over X country until my early thirties. In recent years I have placed highly as a ‘master runner’, including achieving an international vest for cross country in the over fifty category. Strength training played a fundamental part in my success and since then have been committed to keeping strong with Train Strong PT.” Julia Armstrong, Eastbourne.

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General Fitness, Challenge, Fun!

One of the greatest things about training for strength is the grin factor! One minute you may be swinging or squatting a heavy kettlebell, the next lifting an atlas stone or carrying a heavy sandbag for distance.
There is something incredibly primal about picking up something heavy and putting it down again. Whenever a heavy weight is lifted for the first time there is an enormous sense of achievement and self-fulfillment. It is incredibly POWERFUL, massively REWARDING and hugely MOTIVATING. Not to mention it’s just plain FUN! The great thing is, as strength improves by engaging in this fun training all of the other physical and psychological benefits happen as a side effect of that training.

The Benefits

  • FREE 20 minute Initial Consultation via phone, Skype or Face to Face.
  • EXPERT guidance every step of the way. Remove guesswork!
  • STRONG training for strong, significant results.

You get

  • Challenging, fun, effective training that delivers.
  • Nutritional guidance to help maximise your results.
  • A range of package prices to suit your budget.
  • Training at home, at work or in the great outdoors.
  • Take the guess work out of your training and let us plan everything for you.
  • Train when it suits you – consistency rules.
  • Email, Text and telephone support to help you every step of the way.
  • Top quality equipment – EVERYTHING you need and more!
“Our expert tuition is based upon learning from some of the worlds best coaches and bodies including StrongFirst and the English Institute of Sport. We use this knowledge and experience to help our clients make significant changes to their lives – for the better.”

1-2-1 and 1-2-2 Personal Training

Our Strong Woman Personal Training service in Eastbourne is ideal if you want to learn how to develop your strength and conditioning. You receive expert individual attention every step of the way and will be taught how to have fun strength training while enjoying the AWESOME effects that this type of training can have on the female body. Learn how to use Kettlebells and barbells for strength, lift atlas stones, sandbags, type flipping, sledgehammer conditioning, farmers carries, rope pulling and more. If you are excited about the prospect of getting stronger, leaner and more confident contact us!

Semi-Private Personal Training

We also provide Semi-Private Small Group Training for up to 6 people. This is an ideal option for families, friends or work colleagues to get together and train using Strong Woman training and have big fun doing it! Learn powerful techniques from your expert trainer and enjoy being inspired by getting stuck in with other like-minded people! Our Semi-Private Personal Training in Eastbourne is a great way to spread the cost of training between a group meaning you each receive top quality training at heavily discounted rates.
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