Strong First Certified Trainer

Matt Shore

Matt Shore is an Eastbourne Personal Trainer and Managing Director of Train Strong Personal Training.

Eastbourne Personal Trainer Matt has had a lifelong interest in fitness. With over 26 years industry experience 35 years as a competitive athlete. In competitive sport, he has performed to high levels in swimming, running, road cycle racing and also competed in Powerlifting for several years at National level.

One of Matt’s passions is spending time adventuring in the mountains. He regularly leads Train Strong Adventure groups to climb some of the UK’s most beautiful mountain ranges. He also leads walking trips in some of the UK’s most spectacular locations.

In recent years, his love of the mountains and commitment to training has led him to excel in a number of Special Forces Endurance events. These include the Fan Dance (3rd place), P- Company Fan Dance (joint 1st Place) and other Special Forces Tests of extreme endurance such as the Iron Man Test March. In 2018, Matt was part of a three-week, self-supported expedition to Argentina to attempt to summit Aconcagua. This is the highest mountain outside of Asia and also, a high-altitude mountain at just below 7000m.

In his work as an Eastbourne Personal Trainer, Mentor and Coach he supports clients from all walks of life and is totally committed to helping people realise their full potential on their health and fitness journeys.

Matt unique approach to health and fitness is truly holistic and acknowledges the link between mind and body. The result is significant and long-lasting, transformational change for clients.

Eastbourne Personal Trainer Matt is also a Trainer of Trainers. He has shared his extensive knowledge and skills with countless budding personal trainers. He has taught on several nationally recognised personal training qualifications and regularly runs Train the Trainer workshops. These workshops are build around specific training modalities, including Kettlebells, Macebells, Bulgarian Bags, as well as how to run effective outdoor group training.

As Managing Director of Train Strong Personal Training, Matt has created a highly successful business of long standing in the Eastbourne area. Train Strong has improved the lives of hundreds of clients through a program of outdoor group classes, personal training, workshops, mountain trips, social events and the Train Strong Community built around its members.

Train Strong continues to expand and flourish for the benefit of all those who become members.


– B. Sc Sports Science
– StrongFirst Level 1 SFG Kettlebell Coach

– Strength Matters Kettlebell Coach

– IAM Tools Tool Assisted Massage Practitioner
– REPS Level 3 Personal Trainer
– GUN-eX Master Trainer
– Ushomi Bulgarian Bag Trainer
– Ushomi Advanced Kettlebell Trainer
– Ushomi Performance Boxing Coach
– Ushomi Olympic Weightlifting Coach
– Dan John Intervention Workshop
– St Johns Emergency First Aid


– Competitive Swimmer in Regional Championships 1988 – 1991
– Competitive Cyclist – Sussex Divisional Road Race Champs 2000
– Competitive Powerlifter – British Drug Free Powerlifting Association Championship Finals 2009 to 2011
– Competitive Runner – ½ Marathon 1hr 35min 21 sec