Strong First Certified Trainer

Calum Mckeen

Calum Mckeen is a personal trainer in Eastbourne, coaching people to become fitter, move better and reach their goals through personal and group training.

Calum is a Level 3 personal trainer and holds the highest kettlebell instructor qualification, StrongFirst SFG1.

Calum is also a BASI ski instructor. He worked as a ski instructor for 6 years in the mountainous environments of France, Italy, Switzerland and Austria coaching skiers of all levels of ability from beginner to elite.

He raced in Alpine Giant Slalom and Slalom and loved exploring uncharted territory far away from the ski resorts.

“I first came to Train Strong as a client myself. As a personal trainer I wanted to learn more and to develop my coaching style. I instantly found that working with Matt was how I wanted to work with my own clients. Now, 2 years on I am a fundamental part of the Train Strong Team and deliver my own training to clients and group classes each week.”

Calum remains a keen golfer and regularly plays to a handicap of 5. In addition, he enjoys running, bouldering, yoga and meditation.
In his own training, Calum loves to be in the great outdoors and train with kettlebells and calisthenics.

Using the Steel Mace training forms a fundamental part of his approach to health and fitness.

“I work with people of all ages and fitness levels, and those willing to make strong and positive changes for themselves. Whether it’s to take to take their fitness to a whole new level, lose fat or just create space in their body to be able to move in the way the body is intended, pain free.”