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Testimonial – Eastbourne Personal Trainer – Transforming Mikey

Testimonial – Eastbourne Personal Trainer – Transforming Mikey.

Testimonial – Eastbourne Personal Trainer – Transforming Mikey.

My client Mike came to me a couple of years ago feeling somewhat hopeless and was looking to change the way his life was heading.

After an intial strategy session to talk over Mikes history and find out about his aspirations we formulated a plan and began to work together.

My time working with Mike has been rewarding beyond measure. His Spirit is something to marvel at and I am so pleased to have played a role in helping Mike to move beyond the pain he was in and to regain control of his life.

Mike tells his inspiring story here:- IMG 20180905 094414 908

I first saw Matt nearly two years ago.  I had been signed off work with depression and was concerned that my fitness level had deteriorated.  I was also suffering with painful knees.

I started to work with Matt in one to training sessions.

Matt assessed me and became apparent very quickly that I could not squat my own body weight without serious knee pain.

My coordination was so bad that I struggled to organise my spine into any type of safe hinge position.

I am now stronger and fitter than ever!

I can now lift weights which were beyond me before and totally pain free!

I can press a 16kg Kettlebell, Swing a 24kg, Deadlift 80kg and can Goblet Squat 40kg.

My overall strength and fitness has improved dramatically.

I had seen Matt competing in the Fan Dance events he participates in over the Brecon Beacons and it sparked an interest in me last year. 2017.

I asked Matt if he thought I could do it and he said he thought I could.

A Huge Challenge

With Matt’s help I trained for and completed the Clean Fatigue Fan Dance in July 2018 in the Brecon Beacons.

A life time achievement over a 24km course that takes in 2 ascents of Pen Y Fan – the highest mountain in the Brecon beacons and is used as part of Special Forces selection test marches.

I thought that at the age of 58, this type of fitness training was beyond me.  How wrong could I have been! Thanks Matt for showing me the way!

I continue to train with Matt under his expert coaching and am looking forward to taking on the Fan Dance again in 2019!

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