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  • Neal Becoming Strong First

    Neal Becoming Strong First

    It seemed simple; a Train Strong lap.

    I was convinced we should’ve warmed up for that initial run and then found that WAS the warmup. Somehow I dragged my body around the park for that inaugural lap. That was 3 years ago and reflecting over that period I’m amazed how far I’ve come. Initially contacting Matt for help getting fitter and losing weight, as you’ll see, soon became so much more.

    Working with Matt both for PT and group classes is transformational. His knowledge, attention to detail and understanding of the human psyche is second to none.

    At the beginning of 2018 we’d hatched a plan for me to train as a Strong First Kettlebell Instructor. The Gold Standard for Kettlebell Training Worldwide which presents a significant challenge.

    Matt put together a training plan for that year. 2018 was a tough training year, I had to be ready in October and aced the SFG1 instructor certificate over 3 challenging days in the Midlands. Since then we’ve kept strength & conditioning a priority.

    And I’ve not yet mentioned the incredible community that is Train Strong: where people of all ages, professions and fitness levels come together with a common goal, they’ve been so supportive over the years.

    I know what you want to ask – how much weight have I lost? About 12kg. I say ‘about’ because my journey is about so much more than weight loss, I‘m in the best shape of my life and feel ready to take on anything.

  • Fran

    “I have trained with Matt for many years attending the Train Strong group classes and with his help was able to successfully lose weight after having both my children.

    In the past couple of years a few pounds had started to creep back on (even though I still training and had a good level of fitness it turns out you can’t out train a bad diet, don’t kid yourself…)

    In the interest of truth even with a few extra pounds I always feel OK about myself but at the start of the year I never did the January diet after Christmas. I had a trip away planned in January and another in February and turns out I had not said no to a snack since November and my jeans were more than tight, I was not feeling good about what I was seeing the the mirror.

    I tried to restart diets, you know the start Monday ones but kept losing motivation, so I approached Matt and explained I wanted to lose weight for my summer holiday so could he help me.

    I booked 11 PT sessions  (1 per week) and still attended 2 or 3 classes a week.

    During the PT sessions maximal calorie burn was our main goal. He pushed me to my absolute limit on the assault air bike and I ski erg’ed ‘till I could not ski erg no more. We also used Kettlebells and Body Weight training with an emphasis on conditioning.


    Every week we discussed food, what I was eating, calorie deficit, planning around social things I still wanted to do. I am not going to say no to life because I was trying to lose fat. He made me accountable even when I didn’t want to be.

    At the end of my 11 weeks PT I still had a few more weeks before my holiday he still held me accountable for my weight loss, still checked in with me every week and was made himself available to continue the support.

    Transforming Fran

    In total I lost 24lbs and feel reset, thank you Matt.

    Whatever your goal is Train Strong can help you, want to lose fat, lift heavy things, run far, climb a mountain or a hill (he would love it if you called him about that!) or just be fit enough for everyday life Train Strong can help you.

  • Mikey P.

    Mikey P.

    I first saw Matt nearly two years ago.  I had been signed off work with depression and was concerned that my fitness level had deteriorated.  I was also suffering with painful knees.

    I started to work with Matt in one to training sessions.

    Matt assessed me and became apparent very quickly that I could not squat my own body weight without serious knee pain.

    My coordination was so bad that I struggled to organise my spine into any type of safe hinge position.

    I can now lift weights which were beyond me before and totally pain free!

    I can press a 16kg Kettlebell, Swing a 24kg, Deadlift 80kg and can Goblet Squat 40kg.

    My overall strength and fitness has improved dramatically.

    I had seen Matt competing in the Fan Dance events he participates in over the Brecon Beacons and it sparked an interest in me last year. 2017.

    I asked Matt if he thought I could do it and he said he thought I could.

    With Matt’s help I trained for and completed the Clean Fatigue Fan Dance in July 2018 in the Brecon Beacons.

    A life time achievement over a 24km course that takes in 2 ascents of Pen Y Fan – the highest mountain in the Brecon beacons and is used as part of Special Forces selection test marches.

    I thought that at the age of 58, this type of fitness training was beyond me.  How wrong could I have been! Thanks Matt for showing me the way!

    I continue to train with Matt under his expert coaching and am looking forward to taking on the Fan Dance again in 2019!

  • Linda P

    When I joined Trainstrong in autumn 2015 I was at a very low point in my life.

    My sporting history is not great. At school I’d try to get detention rather than do PE,

    (strangely easy to achieve!) and always felt like I was the slowest, and that sport and activity ‘wasn’t for me’.

    In my late 40s I suddenly had an urge to get running, but all my efforts seemed to go nowhere.

    Around this time I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia (long term chronic pain condition, with increased pain sensitivity and fatigue) and told I’d probably had the condition most of my life.

    After another failed attempt at ‘couch to 5k ‘(which always ended in terrible knee pain by week 2) I thought that was it.  Life, everything just seemed too difficult and painful.

    I was 52 and frankly felt like 92.

    Then I met Matt. After a long discussion, he put together a special plan for me.  I started doing one to one PT sessions with him. My aim was simple – to be able to run in our village Fun Run 5k in reasonable time comfortably, and be injury free.

    When I started I had limited range of movement, terrible posture and very little strength. The first few months were hard, especially with my poor sensitivity to pain. However, with Matts encouragement and support I pushed on and have never looked back.

    I managed my first 5k run the following summer, and then moved on to running 10k.  I have discovered a love of trail and cross country running, and that longer distances are what suit me best.

    In June 2018 I completed my first trail half marathon. I still can’t quite believe I ran it all and enjoyed it so much! I am now looking towards training for a marathon.

    I have continued my training with Matt. Both in one to ones, and boot camp, where I have met so many lovely people.

    He is always so encouraging and supportive and patient. Even when you feel like giving up, he doesn’t! His knowledge and understanding of how the mind and body work is immense.  I know I would never have achieved all I have in the last few years without Matt.

    Working with Matt is totally transformational.  I feel better about myself, with greater self-confidence, and my Fibromyalgia is virtually gone. It’s been an awesome personal journey for me, and great fun too.

    I’m now 55 and frankly feel better than I did at 25!

    Linda P
  • Sarah F.

    Sarah F.

    Before I joined train strong nearly 4 and a half years ago I always believed that I couldn’t and shouldn’t run, but with regular Train Strong classes I was gaining more strength, stamina and confidence in my abilities.

    This gave me the nudge I needed to start running along the seafront and with Matt’s encouragement and determination on my part I realised that I could run solidly for over 30 minutes, something I never thought I would be able to achieve.

    After 2 years I spoke to Matt about running a half marathon, it totally scared me but I wanted a new challenge and he assured me that it was a good thing that I felt stretched to achieve such a goal.
    I spoke to Matt and emailed him lots with my progress whilst I trained for my first half and he would give me advice and tips which helped me to complete the Eastbourne Half in 2014 and the Star Fish Half Marathon in 2015.

    Whilst I was training for my second half marathon I watched the London Marathon on TV and thought it looked like an amazing event, so I applied for a charity place with Children  with Cancer.  I was extremely lucky to be able to run for them and I started training in December 2015.  Again Matt was invaluable with his encouragement and advice. Each week I would check in with him with my progress and ask various questions which he would always answer with ideas of how I could overcome some of my problems with long distance running.

    Unfortunately I had a number of injuries whilst training. I overcame these challenges and I completed something I never thought possible – the 2016 London Marathon was mine!

    I truly believe that without Matt’s encouragement I would never have even contemplated entering such a big event and his support during training was invaluable.

    I love being part of the Train Strong family and can not imagine life without my weekly Train Strong group session.

  • Mike D

    I first contacted Matt at Train Strong in February 2015 after my wife very politely suggested I was carrying a little timber!

    With a beach holiday and my 37th birthday 3-months away I wanted to change the way I looked and whilst I knew my way around the cardio room at the gym, I had little in the way of upper body strength and my diet was mixed.

    Matt was friendly and approachable and we agreed an initial three month programme of coaching sessions alongside a bespoke programme of home based training and running.

    My experience with Matt was first class and I dropped from 76kg to 67kg after the initial programme. The biggest change however came in my confidence and with Matt’s support my initial embarrassment quickly subsided and I now love being part of the friendly and inclusive Train Strong community. The PT sessions are only a small part of the Train Strong experience and I now attend Matt’s top class group sessions regularly.

    Matt also played a huge part in giving me the inspiration and confidence to leave full time employment and chase my dream of establishing my own business – something I am very grateful for.

    If you are looking to get fitter, receive great support on many levels, meet friendly people, take life in a new direction and have fun in the process – then Matt’s your man.

    Mike D
  • Clare H.

    Clare H.

    I joined Matt’s classes back in December 2013, being just over 19st I was in real need to gain back my fitness and overhaul the way my body looked and felt. I had tried many times before without lasting success.

    I was looking for something very different and Matt’s session’s certainly delivered. I’ve now been attending the Train Strong outdoor sessions for two and half years, and in that time I have drastically improved my body shape while becoming stronger and fitter.

    I found being part of the Train Strong community awesome.

    Filled with like-minded positive individuals who are friendly, incredibly supportive and fun to train with. It has continued to be an amazing environment for me to be a part of and train in.

    The sessions that Matt delivers are fun, varied, original, and informative, you hardly know where the hour goes, but can guarantee you will walk away feeling good about yourself and smiling!

    I hadn’t realised how much Matt’s approach to fitness and health had changed me as a person until I had an unfortunate accident back in 2015 were I tore my calf muscle severely, putting me out of action.

    In the past this would have been enough to deter me from carrying on with any form of exercise.

    I spoke to Matt about my situation and we formulated a plan based on personal training.

    Through Matt’s help, encouragement, extensive knowledge and expertise I realised my training didn’t have to stop.

    Matt supported me in overcoming my injury and have become stronger and fitter than ever before.

    I am also in training for the Strength Matters Kettlebell Instructor certification which is a totally unexpected direction for me and a significant challenge that I am incredibly excited about.

    Matt’s tranformational coaching services and outdoor classes are simply outstanding.

  • Anjanita

    I was fed up with the way I looked, felt and with my propensity to over eat.

    I had tried all kinds of diets and despite using the gym the weight kept mounting up and increasing.

    I looked up personal training in Eastbourne and found the www.Trainstrongpt.co.uk website and read through the information on the services provided and the incredibly varied classes on offer. Once I enquired I received a reply within 24 hours and attended my free induction that taught me kettlebell basics and was also an opportunity to meet Matt.

    I loved it from the start! Great classes, varied and challenging with a great mix of friendly boot campers. It was unlike anything I had ever experienced in a gym class, I was part of the team from day one and have made life-long friends.

    Matt Shore is a great trainer.I also invested in a weekly personal training session with Matt and he took the time to understand who I am, how I tick and worked with me to discover how I could introduce small changes in my life that would make massive changes to my body.

    1 Year on and I am 3 stone lighter, leaner, fitter, stronger and healthier than I have ever been before. Thank you Matt!

  • Lisa Hodgson

    Lisa Hodgson

    “Joining bootcamp 14 months ago truly has changed a lot about me and influenced a lot of the way I choose to live now. All for the better! I have finally found true enjoyment from working out and as part of a great community I have become really inspired by other people. I would have never even contemplated doing something like these events/other classes you offer if it wasn’t for you and all the lovely people at bootcamp who offer so much enthusiasm and support for each other.

    I have learnt so much from you and your teachings, positive and proactive philosophy that as a result I have become mentally and physically stronger beyond what I ever knew I was capable off. This really has made me the fittest I have ever been in my entire life. You have made working out enjoyable, fun and genuinely a great experience for everyone and me that comes to your classes.

    I just wanted to say thank you really for all the hard work you put into mind body and goal and all us members. I think a lot of us are looking forward to what you are offering in 2014. I’m also not done; there are now some real times to beat for next year!!!”

  • Laura

    I have worked with Matt before and after having a baby wanted to regain my fitness and lose body fat. I knew Matt would be the man for the job as I trust him implicitly – for me his integrity, passion and commitment help me to keep pushing myself and in turn keep delivering results week on week.Fat Loss in Eastbourne

    Working with Matt is awesome. On the exercise front, each session is tailored specially to you and your goals. Each session is different and I am constantly pushed, challenged and surprised by just how much my body can do. Matt is always on hand to support the nutrition side of things…..I know exactly what foods I need to ensure I am eating optimally for fat loss, which is my key goal.

    In the first 11 weeks of working with Matt, I lost 28lb and a total of 23 cm loss off my body…..the pictures and measurements taken at the beginning of the block really highlight the dramatic change to my body shape and ensure that I keep going until I get to my goal.

  • Gary


    I have recently come to the end of a nine month period of online coaching with Matt.  I have a lengthy history of general strength and fitness training and I attended the inaugural Eastbourne Bootcamp some 4 years ago.

    My training had become a little static, progress had stalled and I was looking for some direction in this area, so I employed Matt as my coach and entrusted all my workouts and nutrition to him.

    Matt identified what was needed and made small progressive changes that enabled me to grow in confidence with what were for me, major changes nutritionally. The training sessions he prescribed were always challenging and varied but I could always see the reason behind everything I did, they were constructively edging me towards my goals.

    Matt is a great motivator, his interpersonal skills are second to none and he always remained totally focussed on me. So nine months on, I’ve gained SO much from this experience. I hit all of my goals and then some – especially my in my strength.

    I also weigh in 10 kgs heavier and feel great for it – Thanks Matt for the awesome service!

  • P.Sheppard

    Don’t miss Matt’s TrainStrong Boxing class on Thursdays at 0645 in Gildredge Park.  For those that have already enjoyed Matt’s other classes, the boxing element adds something special, accentuated as always with Matt’s inventive quirks!

    For those of you that haven’t trained with Matt before: you should! He’s an inspirational coach whose infectious enthusiasm pushes you further than you would ever think possible.  I have attended various classes run by Matt for 3 years or so; but before every session I still get the same excitement which make it un-missable.

    The sessions are always varied and even before you get there you know that at the end of the class you will be fitter and stronger.  Having enjoyed training with several great coaches over the years (I’m 47), I am pleased to recommend Matt as the man to take your training to the next level.  His wealth of knowledge and ability to both motivate and innovate make him a master of his craft.

  • Ali Hussain

    Ali Hussain

    “Matt, I have been training in some form or other for the majority of my adult life. You are by far the best trainer I’ve ever met, your knowledge and expertise, your hard work and dedication and your desire to facilitate everything required for people to attain the very best results makes you stand head and shoulders above the rest.

    It is a true rarity to find a conscientious, caring and dedicated trainer such as yourself. Personally I’m the fittest, strongest and healthiest I have ever been in my life and most of that is due in no small part to your efforts I look forward to many more shredding sessions at your hands!”

  • Anne.F

    “My goal when I met Matt was to be comfortable in my bridesmaids dress at my brothers wedding. Seven weeks later the result is that I am not only comfortable in the original dress but that I will be wearing the smaller size! So far I have lost 17 pounds!”

  • Sinead. B.

    Sinead. B.

    “I have just completed my first 20 sessions with Matt. He has taken me from being tired and lacking in energy to feeling fit as a fiddle. More than that his patience and attention to the details of my personal training needs means in just a few weeks my body is much more toned and importantly I feel more at home in my own skin.”

  • David. W.

    “I been a member of Eastbourne Boot Camp now for 12 weeks and in that time have lost over 14lb attending twice weekly sessions. In addition, Matt’s nutrition plan is easy to follow and has established good and sustainable eating habits.

    I now have more energy, feel less sluggish and have a greater sense of well being.The results that I have achieved so far have exceeded my expectations and I have already signed up for the next block of sessions which will take me into the winter months, I cannot wait!”

    David. W.
  • Andy M.

    Andy M.

    “I started at Matt’s Eastbourne Boot Camps in January 2011 and I am now into my 16th week, and have today hit a 12 stone weight target that I have not seen for almost 30 years. I have now lost 42 pounds with Matt’s help and encouragement.

    But it’s not just weight loss that Matt manages to achieve. My whole feeling of well being is enhanced, and his supportive, encouraging yet professional style makes the sessions both challenging but great fun – I cannot thank you enough Matt”