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Welcome to Train Strong Adventure where our passion is in sharing amazing experiences with those who wish to join us in exploring some of the most amazing environments in the UK and Overseas.

We believe that for optimal health, fitness and wellbeing we must take time out and away from our normal day-to-day lives and take on new, life enriching experiences and challenges.

Train Strong Adventure is about stepping out into Mother Nature and enjoying all that she has to offer from stunning scenery to massively expansive mountain ranges. Hiking along glistening river walks or over coastal paths to overcoming personal challenges to reach a substantial summit.

Whether you are interested in hiking up one of the UK’s highest mountains, taking in the beautiful Yorkshire dales or even coming Skiing with us abroad – at various times throughout we have a busy timetable of organised trips, excursions and challenges to appeal to your adventurous side!

Join Us, Explore More, Live Life

We lead groups of individuals to locations including the Scottish Highlands, Snowdonia, The Brecon Beacons, Black Mountains, Lake District, Yorkshire Dales and Devon.

We also organise trips abroad such as the Train Strong Ski Trip to Chamonix.

Our goal is to provide amazing, fun filled experiences in the great outdoors in stunning locations that enrich the lives of those who come with us.

Adventuring with us can bring a whole new perspective to life, an appreciation for the great outdoors and sense of a life less ordinary.

Why Adventure with Us?

As human beings we have an innate desire to explore.

Going to a new location, far away from home, being exposed to the elements and all that Mother Nature has to offer can seem daunting as you are not quite sure what to expect.

Venturing into the unknown can act as a powerful stimulus for strengthening mind-set, overcoming adversity and limitations and fostering a greater sense of personal power and ultimately, confidence.

It can be an incredibly enriching experience.

You just can’t beat the feeling of standing atop the summit of a mountain and looking back where you came from!

Exploring the natural environment gives us endless opportunities to broaden our horizons and to appreciate all that Mother Nature has to offer.


Train Strong Adventure provides expertly led trips for various abilities and experience levels to those seeking a little more in their lives.

Come and have fun with us and be rewarded with great experiences with other like-minded people in some of the most stunning locations throughout the UK and further afield.

We organise the accommodation and transport can be provided or make your own way.

Our expert Mountain Leader, Matt, will guide you throughout your trip to ensure your adventure is fun, exciting and – of course – safe.

Difficulty Levels

Our difficulty levels are graded as:-

  • Level 1:- Suitable for those who have never been on a mountain before.
  • Level 2:- Suitable for those who have been on a mountain before and understand the fitness demands on a long day with plenty of walking up hill and steps.
  • Level 3:- Strenuous day out, must have good level of fitness for hiking for a whole day and been on several mountains before.

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