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Matt Shore, Head Coach of Train Strong provides world class education to Personal Trainers, Coaches, Instructors and Fitness Enthusiasts throughout the UK.

Matt is well respected within the fitness industry and his reputation for coaching education has stemmed from years of experience and knowledge accrual in the field.

Matt has been instrumental in the consultancy, formulation and delivery of coaching courses within a personal training provider in the South East and within one of the leading equipment suppliers in the UK – Wolverson Fitness.

Matt’s passion for education lead him to produce and deliver his own educational workshops including the first and most comprehensive Mace Training Workshop in the UK.

A range of other successful workshops based around Hybrid Strongman, Kettlebell, Bulgarian Bag and Outdoor Fitness Training are also offered in Eastbourne and London.

The range of workshops Matt provides are aimed squarely at sharing his depth of experience and knowledge with those who are interested in developing themselves further. Matt understands the impact that his workshops have in empowering others to help others more.

Workshops are provided at various times throughout the year in key locations.

We can also deliver educational workshops at your facility and create coaching packages designed for your exact needs.

Train Strong Education Workshops

Macebell Workshop Train Strong PT

Train Strong Mace Fundamentals Workshop – 5 hours

This workshop is the most comprehensive and complete Mace workshop in the UK that teaches Fundamentals of Mace Training and Coaching Skills. Learn the benefits […]