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Train Strong Success Story – Julia Armstrong

I have had the pleasure of working with Julia now for the last 18 months. Julia is a truly inspiring woman who epitomises strength on so many levels. Having ran internationally for team GB in her younger years she now continues to set the terrain alight as an Elite Level Master runner while helping people to become stronger and understand themselves better through her work as a therapist.

Julia’s Story

I am fifty five years old this year…I was fifteen when I first entered a gym. Forty years of strength training.
At the time it was very basic training; in a garage with free weights and with a group of boys and men – sweaty, farting boys and men – and me.

Eastbourne Train Strong Julia Armstrong

I loved it so much; apart from becoming awesome at chinning the bar – twenty under grasp chins was commonplace – a star at jumping split squats, and able to do press ups and burpees until I was told to stop.
I started weight training because I was a very good track runner and it enhanced my performance; and ever since then, I have been committed to keeping strong.
The benefits to my running career, which has also spanned these forty years, being evident, as I became an international athlete at nineteen years old and raced for England and GB on the road and over X country until I was in my early thirties. In recent years I have placed highly as a ‘ master runner’, including achieving an international vest for cross country in the over fifty category.

Train Strong Eastbourne Julia Armstrong Runner

My running economy and running form has been supported by strength training. Without being strong I become unbalanced and the weaknesses then pre-dispose to injury and to slower recovery.

I have also noticed that the body reflects the mind and the deeper essence within. The strength in my body is reflected in the strength in my mind and the ability I have to keep on running when every part of me wants to stop; experiencing the body’s ability to keep going has helped me access strengths within I never knew I had.

And after forty years I am still in an ongoing debate with myself.
Am I strong in body because I am strong in mind? Or am I strong in mind because I am strong in body?
I love training with Matt in the gym; he is an awesome PT.
I am an experienced gym person; I owned and managed my own facility in Bath called ‘Springs Health Club’ throughout the 80’s – and so I know an awesome PT when I meet one!

Eastbourne Train Strong PT Julia Chin Up

Matt took the photos of me chinning the bar when he was putting me through my paces last week.
“Wow” I said, when I saw the shots “I am so lucky to have been given the body I have”
“You have the body you have Julia, because you work at it” Matt said.
And there we have the question again – which came first; the basic ingredients of an athletic body or the commitment to work the body hard?
Who knows ?
But over the years I have discovered for myself the truth of the wisdom that says “Healthy strong body, healthy strong mind; healthy strong mind, healthy strong body”

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