Train Strong Swing HIIT Class

Train Strong Swing HIIT Class

Train Strong Swing HIIT Class is a high intensity 45 minute session based on using the awesome Kettlebell Swing in a High Intensity Interval Format.

The Kettlebell Swing is one of the most EFFECTIVE kettlebell movements of all time!

Performed for high volume and maximum velocity this powerful exercise can literally transform the way your body looks, moves and performs.

The Kettlebell Swing can increase endurance, stamina and strength while ramping up metabolic rate for some serious post class afterburn!

Losing inches seems easier on a diet rich in Kettlebell Swings (and healthy eating of course!)

It doesnt stop there though.

The Kettlebell Swing can increase lean tissue and build an athletic, lean and sexy body that can go the distance.

Reduce back injury and improve hip function to counteract the dangers of todays sedentary lifestyle while improving locomotion mechanincs (think running, cycling etc.)

This class is truly unique to Eastbourne and taught by me, Matt Shore, the “Kettlebell Man” of the South East.

This high energy, intense, fun Kettlebell Class is based indoors and is suitable for anyone who knows how to swing a kettlebell safely

  • When you join Train Strong a FREE 50 minute small group personal training session (worth £25) is provided to teach you this movement and more!

BENEFITS OF Train Strong SWING HIIT ClassBenefits of Kettlebell Training

  • Develop unstoppable endurance and conditioning.
  • A formidable session for fat loss. Ignite your metabolism!
  • Tone and Strenghen Glutes, Legs and Core.
  • Develop a body that is built to withstand the rigors of daily life.
  • Increase toughness and total body resilience.

Group size is strictly limited so each member receives the highest standards of coaching and instruction to maximise potential. All equipment is provided.


Friday Morning 06:30 – 07:15

Willingdon Memorial Hall, Church Street, BN20 9HT


All of our sessions are booked and paid for via the Online Booking System which you gain access to once you have contacted us.

4 x Class Pack = £35

Bolt on sessions = £7

8 x Class Pack = £60

12 x Class Pack = £76

Unlimited Classes each Month = £95

Pay as You Go = £10 per class

Please read our Class Terms and Conditions HERE.

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