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Transformation Kick Start

Train Strong Transformation Kick Start Programme.

The Train Strong Transformation Kick Start Programme is a 6 week programme designed to kick start your health and fitness journey!

Saturday 2nd March Until Sunday 14th April.

Early Bird Price £270 (book before 23/02/2019)

Standard Price £325

Our amazing programme will deliver powerful results while helping you to learn how to train effectively, how to support your training goals nutritionally and how to foster the mindset that will enable you to keep moving forwards in your health and fitness endeavours.

Our Transformation Kick Start Programme is our solution to the confusion and nonsense that abounds the health and fitness industry.

The Benefits

  • Learn how to train effectively using our tried and tested techniques.
  • Lose inches from your body and develop more muscle tone.
  • Feel more energised with a greater sense of vitality.
  • Become stronger and more conditioned while feeling fitter.
  • Enjoy training that is fun, and varied while remaining goal driven.
  • Learn how to eat healthily based upon your own individual needs.
  • Develop a greater sense of self belief and stronger mindset.
  • Learn new habits to help lead you to a fitter, healthier future.
  • Be supported within a group of like minded people all on the same journey as you!
  • Receive continual guidance from our expert coaches to eliminate the guess work and help you to keep on track.

Our Offer Includes

  • 1 x 90 minute Small Group Personal Training Kettlebell Fundamentals Workshop to learn the Kettlebell Skills that you will use during the 6 week programme.
  • 3 x 60 minute Small Group Personal Training Sessions Per week for 6 weeks (maximum of 6 people). Total 18 sessions!
  • 1 x Train Strong Class per week for the duration of the programme to help keep you consistent.
  • Individually tailored Nutritional Coaching to help maximise your results.
  • Free Private Facebook Members Group for accountability and support.
  • 2 x Train Strong E Books to help you understand nutrition and provide recipe ideas.
  • Access to two expert coaches for additional support and a weekly strategy call to help keep you on track!

Small Group Personal Training Sessions

As part of our programme you receive 18 x 60 minute small group personal training sessions. You will train alongside a maximum of 5 other members in our sessions.

Our small group personal training sessions in Eastbourne take place on a Monday and Wednesday at 6am until 7am and on a Saturday 7am until 8am. We have a lovely indoor venue to train from that is located in Willingdon and has plenty of parking space available.

We understand how busy lives are and so we have chosen to put our sessions on early in the morning so that you can make a commitment to yourself to show up, get the training done and then be able to rest knowing that you have achieved something really positive before most people have got up.

The sessions are progressive in nature and are based around Kettlebell Training and Body weight training. You will receive a high level of one to one instruction during each session so that you can master the skills of training. Through our coaching you will become more empowered to train yourself once the program is complete safe in the knowledge that you know what you are doing.

Train Strong Group Training Class

As part of the Transformation Kick Start Program you also receive one Train Strong Group Training class per week. This option will complement the training that you do in the Small Group Personal Training sessions and add to your transformation efforts.

Consistent training is crucial for the success of ANY fitness program. Training on more days than you do not is one of the most important aspects in what makes our programme successful. You will be coached by the same coaches who support you in the Kick Start program and be inspired and motivated by being with a larger group of fellow Train Strong Members!

Individually Tailored Nutritional Coaching.

Once you enroll on our Transformation Kick Start Programme you will be coached nutritionally on how much you should be eating each day based upon your individual requirements. We will set you daily targets and provide ideas on what to eat, why and when. We do not provide a written meal by meal “prescription” of what to eat. Instead we empower you through habit based eating strategies that will dovetail with your own daily life. We have found this to be the most powerful method of nutritional coaching for long term changes.

Support, Accountability, Inspiration.

A key part of our programme is the support, accountability and inspiration you will receive from your coaches and fellow Transformation Buddies!

We provide a private members Facebook Group where we will share ideas and knowledge and offer a place where you can all check in, talk about any barriers you may be facing, celebrating those small, consistent victories and being there for one another in this powerful setting for change.

In addition you will receive a 10 minute strategy call each week with one of our coaches to discuss any personal challenges, to check in and have any questions answered that may arise.

Take Action and Contact Us!

We have just 2 SPACES LEFT so please contact us   now to book your place on this incredible offer!

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