Why Matt

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Matt Shore Eastbourne Personal Trainer
Matt Shore, founder of Mind, Body, Goal Personal Training, delivers his services to the highest standards underpinned by 18 years of experience. He works with people from all walks of life from elite level athletes looking to gain the competitive edge to those with health issues looking to improve the quality of life to people looking to lose body fat and feel better in their skin.
“Working with me is ALWAYS a team effort. As your trainer my job is not just about training you. It is about teaching, showing, leading by example and inspiring. I gain inspiration from all of the people I work with as I watch them learn, grow and become better, stronger versions of themselves. It’s MASSIVELY rewarding.”
Matt is a no-nonsense trainer. The students he works with know that outstanding results come from outstanding effort. Matt highly values qualities of persistence, commitment, dedication and an ability to step out of the comfort zone and face new challenges head on.
“With each of my students I instil the understanding that strength is a skill and plays a crucial role in the success of any program. In addition my students learn how strength is so much more than physicality. Becoming stronger is hugely beneficial on a psychological level and can be incredibly far-reaching positively impacting many aspects of daily life. It can be totally transformative as my client Lisa found out.” Read her story here.


Matt adheres to the understanding that the mind is primary. It controls everything we do, think about, remember, believe and achieve.
“I help people to identify patterns that have been holding them back and then work to replace these outdated beliefs with new, more POWERFUL behaviours.”
“Before I begin to work with a potential new student I conduct an in-depth initial consultation to identify their goals, gain an insight into previous barriers for success and ascertain if we are a good match to work together.”

Cold Rolled Steel – Bent with Bare Hands.

As an athlete himself, Matt lives the teachings of his work and has been involved in competitive sport for 23 years with 4 years at national level. He has been a competitive swimmer, road cyclist, mountain biker and runner. Most recently he has competed at national level in Powerlifting. You can see Matt in action HERE at the 2011 BDFPA British Championships. He currently trains using strongman methods and is partial to the traditional strongman skill of bending steel!
“I pride myself on delivering unrivaled support to my students. Everyone receives the same quality of support via e mail, phone and text. Cutting edge training programs are delivered to develop all around physical and mental strength and resilience and are designed depending upon individual goals. All sessions are progressive, challenging and fun and deliver maximum results using highly functional training equipment.”

Matt continually invests in his own training to ensure he is at the forefront of the best sports knowledge and training techniques available. Most recently he has successfully completed a StrongFirst Kettlebell Certificate – the Gold Standard in Hardstyle Kettlebell Training.

KB Turkish Get Up

44kg Kettlebell Turkish Get Up

Taught by world class coaches and is recognised as one of the most challenging certificates to achieve, this qualification was developed by Pavel Tsatsouline, the man who brought kettlebells to the western world. Months of training are required to meet the rigorous strength standards, which are a pre-requisite of the course. These are required to be able to learn, demonstrate and apply the StrongFirst methods. In addition numerous highly challenging physical tests must be met in order to achieve the award. The 30% failure rate indicates the magnitude of the testing.
As a StrongFirst trainer Matt promotes the development of strength as the master skill, a skill upon which all other physical skills are based.

Endurance, power, explosiveness, resilience and work capacity all depend upon being strong. Strength simply makes everything – BETTER. As such the development of strength plays a fundamental role in Matt’s work and in the success of his trainees.

– B. Sc Sports Science
– StrongFirst Level 1 SFG
– REPS Level 3 Personal Trainer
– GUN-eX Master Trainer
– Ushomi Bulgarian Bag Trainer
– Ushomi Advanced Kettlebell Trainer
– Ushomi Performance Boxing Coach
– Ushomi Olympic Weightlifting Coach
– St Johns Emergency First Aid